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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stacisam-663-945203 9 / 10

This is a surprisingly good movie with plenty of laughs. This is a good old fashioned feel good movie that delivers on the comedy without trying to hard. And to think i nearly passed this up because of the lack lustre reviews.

Reviewed by Devon Ull 8 / 10

I am a retired neuroscientist. The science here is reasonable albeit simplified, and that works. I watched with skepticism and was initially appalled at the investigator's desire to retest until the data was more suitable. That would be nonsense. But the mea culpa resolved that. This indicates the direction was perfect. I was supposed to be upset (tension), and the tension was resolved with humility and self awareness. Brilliant. Each of the four romances were real, both sides were treated fairly. If I were nitpicking I would say the athlete owes more apology but that is the point really. We live with flawed people. We are flawed. Best line: " Jet lag is a social construct". Hilarious.

Reviewed by capodesperado 8 / 10

I made an imdb account just for this. The first few negative reviews were just silly. To preface I'm a man, since it seems we already hijacked the review board.

I was confused in the beginning as to whether this was a documentary or a rom com, but quickly realized it was the latter. The narrator makes a lot of interesting claims that deserve further discussion. A number of different male/female pairs were presented, and somewhat as caricatures of stereotypes, sure. The actors were believable and although I said they were a bit stereotypical, still relate-able and reasonable. The "don't straighten my hair" dude was a bit annoying and imbalanced.

I don't know where people are upset about man hating or painting them as misogynistic. From the perspective of the narrator that's the point, and it never got past the shallow end. See how the movies concludes before judging... I found the narrator to be an equal offender and spent most of the time laughing with my girlfriend.

It did what it could to deal with a loaded topic and 1.5 hours. I wouldn't say it's particularly deep or that i'll remember it a year from now, but we had a great time and were left with a feeling of warmth as well as even, acceptance?

If you swing too far to either side of the spectrum you might not find much here. But good times for the rest of us. I feel like this book and movie was an attempt to bring back a little sanity to the discussion.

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