The Harder They Come


Crime / Drama / Music

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joehopfield 10 / 10

A deep film about poverty, ambition, ego, and community

Though the low budget of this film is obvious, it is an amazing story, nonetheless so because it's based on a true one! It's also sometimes quite beautifully filmed.

What seems like it will be a simple country-boy-makes-good-in-the-city fairytale turns into a darker story of ego, searing poverty, class warfare, and a lust for fame. At first we're drawn to the Ivan, then gradually repulsed.

The compelling plot is built on a fantastic set of characters that weave a chillingly accurate portrayal of Jamaica in the late 60's -- a tapestry of desperately poor but infinitely resilient people.

To those IMDb reviewers who thought the story immoral - would you say the same thing about Bonnie & Clyde, Scarface, or Cagney's Public Enemy? This movie examines the effect of despair, desperation, and ambition. It's not a fairytale -- grow up.

Reviewed by divergent-thinking 10 / 10

Real, raw and a part of my life forever.

This film is a perfect example of the Jamican city struggle, this film is a real depiction of Jamaican people. Technically it is poorly shot and edited, but if you can look past these issues you will have a greater understanding of Jamaican people, the struggles faced and a realization of how the ghettos developed. I lived in Kingston Jamaica in the 80s as a youth, through innocents I loved every part of Jamaica the music, food, people, beaches and weather but not the history or politics which a later learned more about. Jamaica has developed a society through mislead innocents of the youth, selfish politicians who cared for money and power created what Jamaica is today. Imagine coming in from the country as so many did in the 60's & 70's and learning the only work you could find was selling drugs or robbing, Oh no you wouldn't do that? but when a human being begins to starve they will do almost anything to survive it is instinct. This movie is about exactly that survivalist instinct and tendencies.

Reviewed by raoul-guariguata 10 / 10

The best Jamaican movie ever made.....

I'm a great reggae and dancehall fan and travelled Jamaica, where I had the chance to watch most movies ever filmed in Jamaica(which aren't too many!)by Jamaicans. Well, if you compare Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop, Rudeboy, Shottas, Rockers - this is the best of them and the best Jamaican movie ever. Based on a true story, a country boy, Ivanhoe, looks for fortune in the city and ends up as the most wanted criminal in Kingston. Jimmy Cliff is superb in his role as a bad boy and the motives for him becoming criminal are presented very clearly throughout the movie. He is a talented artist recording many big songs and doesn't see a dime or a penny for his music, so the struggle to survive ends in violence. Well this probably happens nearly every day in the Caribbean if you look at biographies of Max Romeo for example, who never received money at the time for some big songs(except for becoming a gangster).

Features a Great Soundtrack and a really marvellous Jimmy Cliff!!!!

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