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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryota Nakanishi 10 / 10

Hurricane Game? It embodies What Job Responsibility is. Hurricane is not the antagonist.

This is the perfect genre film of 2018 I believe. Rob Cohen made this morally recommended real disaster master piece. Any bad disaster film is just to show disaster game which does not focus on conflicts among human protagonist and antagonists.

This category 5 hurricane is just a narrative device like zombies in George Romero's Dead series. True disaster film tells human conflicts under disaster not the monster-like disastrous phenomena itself.

We can say shark is not the antagonist of JAWS (1975) but the mayer and the entourage are the true antagonists in the human conflict. This is the correct point of view in terms of story telling.

The Hurricane Heist mainly describes the heist related conflict among the U.S. Treasury officers and corrupted local police men during category 5 hurricane mess. Main drama is the Die Hard-like heist incident not the monster hurricane.

I can say that Armageddon(1998), Deep Impact (1998), Twister (1996) are just disaster games rather than serious human conflicts. This hurricane is equal with fictional function of any monsters in filmmaking. All of them are not antagonists but are devices to express human conflicts among human characters. Any defect of humanity is lack of true drama. The Hurricane Heist makes us realise what true antagonist should be.

Besides this important structural achievement, we also can not ignore clear cinematic refrain among tight sequences in the end of Act 2 to Act 3 which are chase scenes from the federal bank to the highway with category 5 hurricane threatens them from their behind.

The corrupted policemen and Perkins' decision to betray their duty, Will and Casey's decision to be loyal to their duty are perfectly and consciously contrasted in the story structure. Decision making is the nature of plot and it embodies meaning of subtext in the entire cinematic expressions.

Moreover, this decision making is finally refrained after the escape from the hurricane. The protagonists, Will and Casey don't make a kind of decision to steal the federal bank money when they can do it like the failed villains. This is the structure. The screen writer highly conscious about the plotting that express meaning of entire context clearly.

I was really impressed with this quality work among other genre films in 2018! US film is the best of the bests!

Disaster film should not be a disaster game. Its main focus and content must be human conflicts, not a conflict with narrative device itself.

Reviewed by Sam Roberts 9 / 10

2/10 as a serious film, 9/10 as a comedy

Let me be clear, The Hurricane Heist is one of the worst-made theatrical films I have ever seen. It's plot jumps all over the place, it has too many underdeveloped characters, its incredibly implausible, and has terrible acting and special effects. HOWEVER... I highly recommend viewing it if you love so-bad-it's-good films like The Room and Troll 2. Me and my girlfriend could not stop laughing during the entire movie (as was another group in our screening). Unintentional hilarity is constant, whether it's the main character's horrific Southern accent, cringey product placement, or hilariously overblown action scenes. I love that The Hurricane Heist came out in 2018, in a year filled with darkness and depression, sometimes we need a good old-fashioned terrible action movie to laugh out asses off to!

Reviewed by cruise01 8 / 10

Cheesy, ridiculous, and a wild rollercoaster of action.

The Hurricane Heist (4 out of 5 stars).

Hurricane Heist is an example of cheesy stupid fun. If you are into those type of movies were you could leave any logic of realism out the window. Director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, xXx) managed to deliver an exciting action thriller. It is loud, action packed, and has some decent visual effects. It is a bit of a combination of films like Hard Rain, Twister, and Mad Max.

A simple plot of paramilitary robbers trying to steal old dollar bills from the treasury during a hurricane. Which makes it the perfect cover during the storm. While Casey (Maggie Grace), Will (Toby Kebbell), and Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) will have to do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys from getting away with the money.

What I like about the film is it is action packed. If you are an action enthusiast and don't really care for a movie with no real story than this is the film for you. You have car chases, gun shoot outs, and more chases during an intense storm with cars and debris blowing at characters. You have car rims blowing around the air hitting people like razor blades. Characters escaping the bad guys when a storm breaks through the mall window. Than, there was a thrilling semi truck chase in the climax as they try to escape the eye of the storm. The film can be cheesy with its action and get ridiculous with any realism of this hurricane. But its all pure stupid fun that is suppose to entertain which is what it did.

Toby Kebbell and Ryan Kwanten were okay with their characters. Playing brothers that had a tragic past after their encounter with a hurricane left them distant. Maggie Grace was good as a character that is loyal to her job and will do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys.

What I did not like about the film is the dialogue. It is cheesy and horribly written. Not sure, if people talk like that in real life. But it was terribly written and the script written by two writers could have written out a better script.

Overall, The Hurricane Heist is a good action film. It is not meant to be taken seriously with ridiculous action and logic. It is stupid fun, loud, action packed, and a wild rollercoaster ride with the main characters going from one action set piece to another from fighting bad guys during an intense storm with strong winds ripping buildings apart, a flash flood hitting the streets, and a giant wall of clouds from the eye of the storm.

I recommend seeing it on the big screen if you are looking for a cheesy action film that's a wild ride with cheesy dialogue and no plot.

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