The Lodgers


Drama / Horror / Romance / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MaryRose 10 / 10

The Lodgers is a breathtaking film, every ounce the Gothic masterwork that reviews claim it to be. David Turpin's writing is haunting and gorgeous - I couldn't believe that this was his first screenplay. The decrepit world of twins Rachel and Edward is brought to life with unsettling brilliance by director Brian O'Malley, making each exacerbation of events more evocative than the last. Charlotte Vega is a mesmerising Rachel, as she grasps the audiences empathy from the very first scene. Bill Milner's turn as Edward is unforgettably unsettling, a role he takes on with every bit of his marvellous acting ability. All the players in this exquisite film deserve all the commendation that they're receiving. Bravo on a truly wonderful film!

Reviewed by eithne-29342 10 / 10

I was one of the lucky few that got to snag a ticket for this film at TIFF and boy, was I happy for it. It's a beautiful film, truly. I was absolutely captivated by its beauty from the direction to the writing to the acting (Charlotte Vega in particular was astounding in her role - certainly one to watch!). Reminiscent of The Others, with a more haunting, romantic tone - I loved it!!

Reviewed by ganneblack 9 / 10

Read a book years ago called The Haunt. Two brothers lived in a old house.

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