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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iceman88869 7 / 10

Great for found footage

If you like found footage movies, you will like this movie. It is for sure one of the better ones I have seen, but toward the end, it just lacks in delivering. Though, you would not expect what happens in the end to happen. Its how they executed the ending that I did not care for. If you like found footage movies, this is one to add to your watch list.

Reviewed by GreySpot19 7 / 10

Fun, Frights, and Delights: A Low-Budget Loveletter to Found Footage Horror

I had a blast with this one: Mathieu and his crew of veteran indie horror fanatics, all members of the LA-based horror theater group Delusion, bring the immersive chops of that production to the forefront of The Monster Project.

Following a scrappy (albeit conventionally attractive: this is a horror flick, of course) crew of millennials looking for YouTube gold from interviews with honest-to-badness monsters, terror soon ensues in a desperate bid to escape a house literally crawling with hell- spawn. While The Monster Project doesn't push the genre in many bold new directions, it is elevated by a clear passion for creepy spectacle from those both in front of and behind the camera. The found footage mechanic works well here, putting the audience squarely in the middle of the unfolding nightmare. Throw in some exceptional special effects and stunt work, and you're in for one helluva good time. Plus, I have a feeling this movie will make for a fun drinking-game down the road (take a shot every time Jamal calls someone "Bro" if you're into impromptu visits to the ER...). At a breezy 95min, anyone who loves a little found-footage fright should give The Monster Project a try.

Reviewed by jhitman-826-877694 6 / 10

Good visuals but a poor story

This is going to be a brief review for a average movie.

Plott not interesting enough to glue me to my chair but I've seen worse.

Visualfx and especial effects are good has well the audio,the ambiance was OK too.

Acting was not that good but the effort was there to make the viewer at least curious to see what this will unfold in the end.

A clich? ending in my opinion.

The trailer spoils a lot of the movie and to many predictable jump scares,i give it a 6 for the visuals and audio.

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