The Night of the Generals


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Reviewed by douglasadcom 10 / 10

Well made movie that combines murder mystery and war.

An overlooked little gem that gets better with each viewing. Murder mystery set in the German Army during World War II, involving 3 generals who are suspects. Entire cast in good form; fine ensemble acting. Peter O'Toole in top form as a fanatical SS general suspected in the murders. Donald Pleasence and Charles Gray portray the other 2 generals with secrets to hide. Omar Sharif does an excellent job as the Army colonel investigating. Film set in both 1942 occupied Poland, and 1944 occupied Paris. Also neatly ties in the July, 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler, with a cameo appearance by Christopher Plummer as Field Marshal Rommel. Recreates the actual bombing of Hitler's headquarters, and the efforts by the Paris generals to unseat the SS and Gestapo. Highly recommended viewing.

Reviewed by Renaldo Matlin 10 / 10

Nice mix of genres

"What is admirable on the large scale is monstrous on the small."

It's Agatha Christie meets "The Battle of the Bulge" meets... oh you get the picture. Great cast lead by the always fabulous Peter O'Toole who delivers a memorable performance as General Tanz. Also nice to see French veteran actor Philippe Noiret in an ensemble that includes Omar Sharif, Tom Courtenay, Donald Pleasence and Christopher Plummer.

It is tense all the way mostly thanks to the great use of ? first Warsaw (and the atrocities performed there) as a backdrop for the story and then we move to Paris where the plot to kill Hitler is nicely interwoven.

"The Night of the Generals" is at parts predictable, yes, (with the great exception of Omar Sharif's final scene) but I guess that's also what makes it kinda' enjoyable at times - at least in the very last scene - when you know what's coming (and boy does it feel good).

Some may find it a bit tedious and yes it is long, but when it was over I knew I would definitely see it again sometime in the future so in short: it works! If you think this movie is your cup of tea, based on the IMDb-information, you're probably right.


Reviewed by David Fernandez 10 / 10

Great movie

Wartime Europe - Warsaw 1942: A Polish man visiting the communal toilet in his tenement block hears the screams of a local prostitute being killed in the flat above. A few minutes later he hears footsteps coming down the stairs and he peers through the crack in the lavatory door and is shocked to see the uniform of a German general coming down the stairs. He reports the murder to the authorities and the investigating officer Major Grau believes him and establishes that only 3 of the German generals in Warsaw were without alibi on that night - Generals Tanz, Kahlenberge and Gabler. He begins his investigation but just as he is getting close to the truth, he is transferred to Paris by higher authority. Two years later in July 1944, another prostitute is murdered and Major Grau establishes that once again all 3 generals - Tanz, Kahlenberge and Gabler are all in Paris on the night of the murder. The hunt for the killer is on.....

An excellent murder mystery full of intrigue and suspense set against the background of wartime Europe, The Night Of The Generals is one of few movies incorporating historical fact with fiction and succeeding admirably. As well as the fictional murder storyline, readers will be treated to the cleansing of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto (1942) and the infamous July bomb plot to kill Hitler (1944) which are both incorporated into the story. Anyone who likes war or murder mystery movies will not be disappointed by The Night Of The Generals.

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