The Strangers: Prey at Night



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by russthorn 10 / 10

First off I have to say that I am a big fan of 80s slasher movies. They are my favorite subgenre of horror films. I'd much rather see one of the Friday the 13th sequels than a bleak, depressing horror film.

The original Strangers was a good film. It was creepy and very bleak. It's not a film I can rewatch often because it is so downbeat. This sequel is one that I could rewatch over and over again. Probably as many times as I have seen Friday the 13th part 2. It's just an all around fun slasher flick. It's not near as scary as the original but I found it to be miles more entertaining.

The actors all did a good job and I liked the characters and was rooting for them to survive throughout the film despite some of the dumb decisions that some of the characters made. But ALL horror films have characters making dumb decisions. One of the classics is Evil Dead which features a character walking into the woods in the middle of the night because she hears someone calling her name. Horror movie characters are notorious for making dumb decisions.

Overall this was a FUN time at the movies and I would easily go see it again at the theater. The pool scene was awesome!

Reviewed by produpp 10 / 10

I lay my cards on the table and admit I'm a huge fan of the original movie and I'm not sure if that makes me the ideal or the worst audience.

I was excited to revisit The Strangers universe, if you like, but equally, I was nervous this was going to be a simple cash in job that in truth belongs in the Target DVD section gathering dust.

But very quickly my Home Entertainment fears evaporated and were replaced with gripping fear, electric excitement and raw anticipation - a feeling I remember oh so fondly from sitting in a theater watching the original!

This is the type of horror that reminds me why making the trip to see it on the big screen is still very much worth it as the audiences reactions, the gasps and squeals, is all part of the fun, key to the experience. I hadn't actually realised the director is the same dude behind 47 Metres Down, a movie I also saw in the theater last year and loved that as well, so I guess I'm a new fan. I'm undoubtedly a fan of Prey At Night, worthy of a second theater viewing me thinks.

Reviewed by asharirfan 10 / 10

I like this franchise more than previous, because it has more entertaining chasing sequences then the first one, the background score is the strong bone of the movie, this sounds gives you more goosebumps than tense, this one will edge into your seat though out the movie, also the performances by the all cast is Mind Blowing, everyone gives the real performances and looking so true, Audience needs more movies like this. its a super cool entertaining movie with fun chasing moments and great performances with the solid background score, Direct is just perfect and fit the bill.
Go and watch this!

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