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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andreasz-2381 10 / 10

Best X-Men Movie ever

Back from the cinema and i am wow wow.

It was just a kinda boring evening, so i took a walk to my favourite cinema in Reykjavik downtown spontaneous.

Unfortunately it was the smallest cinema hall but OK i took a set in the middle of the second seat row. So it was like the last seat row in the big cinema hall. Everything was quiet, not many peoples...perfect.

And the movie started, first scene, what the hell, OK, curious, interesting and from the beginning to the end, it was just an exciting, stunning, enigmatic thrill of a young woman with epilepsy and what can happen if.....

The best movie 2017 i have seen so far!

Reviewed by Raven-1969 10 / 10

Parents Lose Control of Daughter, Daughter Loses Control of Self

Lights flicker, the wind rises and animals behave strangely when Thelma becomes agitated. She is capable of mysterious and ethereal powers, and more than she knows because her manipulative and fundamentalist parents keep such things under wraps in home-school. As Thelma heads to college in Oslo and stops taking medications, not only do her parents lose control, she loses control of herself. Psychogenic seizures rack her body. Passions and anxieties multiply along with her abilities. This is when Anja, Thelma's close friend, does something extremely upsetting for Thelma. The next day when Anja can't be found, Thelma has a sickening feeling she had something to do with it. She searches for answers to the secrets and powers that beguile and haunt her.

This thrilling, deep, complex and sensual film explores a whole realm of different theories and possibilities. I was surprised and delighted by its twists and turns. It crosses borders between reality and fantasy, and light and darkness, and explores the good and bad in human nature. The actors are amazing, especially Eili Harboe as Thelma and Kaya Wilkins as Anja. It is fantastic to discover that the roots of psychogenic disorders go back as far as Joan of Arc. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by kashidomar 10 / 10

Super women with super suspense.......

A wonderful combination of mutation, mystery and revolutionary scientific thoughts and ideas. All the way to the end it blasts through some premature human reflexes along with their dreadful consequences on the mind of a young female student. She suffers from several unwanted and uncharacterstic cellular actions that totally destroyed her life.These changes sometimes organic and sometimes mental..Those are beyond the limits of medical laws and equations..Only can be explained by some complex rules of science. This is where the movie stands extraordinary to me. As it slowly created the background where the plot has reached it's peak and then has revealed whatever thoughts and answers it can provide the audiences. The director has done efficiently the full work of creating mystery and then unfolding it. And this excellent work has been accompanied by the ruthless as well as splendind acting of the participants.

Those like to watch sci-fi movies specially super hero or mutation like X-man movies will enjoy it surely.

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