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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 7 / 10

Expertly shot, well acted, but not the wildest ride.

First off. Some people are calling this a horror movie. It is not. This is a mysterious drama-thriller with supernatural elements, and just the slightest hint of horror. Now, I expected this so it was OK, but be aware. Expectations is a movie worst enemy!

OK! So Thelma is beautifully shot. Thought has gone into each scene, and each camera angle. The movie overall is very calm, kinda quiet. Eili Harboe is excellent as the titular character. The other characters are good too, but she stands out. She has a very natural way of acting. Also she is beautiful, and so is Kaya Wilkins, which plays her new friend. Gorgeous people.

Like I said, Thelma is a calm, low key movie for the most part. I did think it dragged just a tad in the middle part, but both the beginning and ending is pretty good. It has certain romantic tendencies, but it was done in a not annoying way. Good.

The are some scenes with CGI here, and they are very well done. You almost won't notice they are CG, except from the fact that you know you are watching something impossible. That's good. Thelma is not heavy on big effect stuff, but the effects that are, are excellent.

Joachim Trier is Norwegian movie critics golden child. They love him over here. Personally I'm no big fan, but then again, Reprise is the only movie of his I've seen, so I can't really say. But Thelma is the kind of supernatural movie movie critics are actually allowed to like. Because it's kinda artsy, ya'll! ;) Anyway, I liked it, didn't love it, but maybe I will later? I doubt it, but who knows! Know what you are in for, and you will probably like it too!

Reviewed by Raven-1969 10 / 10

Parents Lose Control of Daughter, Daughter Loses Control of Self

Lights flicker, the wind rises and animals behave strangely when Thelma becomes agitated. She is capable of mysterious and ethereal powers, and more than she knows because her manipulative and fundamentalist parents keep such things under wraps in home-school. As Thelma heads to college in Oslo and stops taking medications, not only do her parents lose control, she loses control of herself. Psychogenic seizures rack her body. Passions and anxieties multiply along with her abilities. This is when Anja, Thelma's close friend, does something extremely upsetting for Thelma. The next day when Anja can't be found, Thelma has a sickening feeling she had something to do with it. She searches for answers to the secrets and powers that beguile and haunt her.

This thrilling, deep, complex and sensual film explores a whole realm of different theories and possibilities. I was surprised and delighted by its twists and turns. It crosses borders between reality and fantasy, and light and darkness, and explores the good and bad in human nature. The actors are amazing, especially Eili Harboe as Thelma and Kaya Wilkins as Anja. It is fantastic to discover that the roots of psychogenic disorders go back as far as Joan of Arc. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10

Well worth seeing

Imagine a film that is part Carrie and part The ExorcistÂ…combined with a lesbian love story. I know that sounds a bit confusingÂ…but this is a pretty accurate summary of the picture.

When the story begins, young Thelma (Eili Harboe) has gone off to college and things seem pretty normal. However, out of the blue, she has what appears to be a grand mal seizure that lands her in the hospital. Soon after, one of the folks who witnessed the seizure, Anja (Kaya Wilkens) introduces herself to Thelma and they soon become friends. In fact, over times they become more than friends as both the women begin having sexual feelings for each otherÂ…which causes Thelma to have a huge internal struggle because this violates her strong Christian upbringing. A bit later, Thelma enters the hospital for testing to determine exactly whether or not she has epilepsy. During the testing, her defenses are lowered and her intense feelings for Anya run wildÂ…so wild that Thelma's supernatural powers manifest themselves. What exactly are these powers? And, what family secrets are there related to all this? And, how does this all end?

As I said, the story reminds me of a couple other films but it's also original in many ways. It also keeps you guessingÂ…and that's the biggest reason I recommend the picture. Where all this is going and how it gets there make this a very special film, though I have a couple important warnings. First, there are lots and lots of flashing lights and epileptic viewers might have difficulties with this. Second, if you have a strong fear of snakes do not watch this film! There are several snakes in the film but one incredibly vivid dream that is nightmare fodder involving snakes and you need to consider this before you see this excellent movie.

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