Thor: Ragnarok


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Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BiiivAL 8 / 10

«No Hammer. No Problem »

Every year, with bated breath and absorbing one trailer after another, a huge audience of Marvel fans waiting for movies within their beloved universe. The cinematic world created by Marvel Studios will very soon celebrate its decade and for such a long time, directors from the camp of the "reds" managed to create a lot of bright, inspirational and truly steep bands about superheroes.

While the competitors are trying to keep up with the MCU, the creators of the Marvel universe from the world of cinema - roared to its fullest. Space budgets that allow you to attract great actors and show incredible beauty special effects - the best motivation for the creator, allowing you to unfold "in full" from a professional point of view. Nothing distracts the directors of Marvel from the main thing, the work. They completely give themselves to their projects, from that and watch them a pleasure.

"Thor: Ragnarok" was no exception. Moreover, the third part about the adventures of God of Scandinavian mythology can rightly be called the most ingenious film MCU. Why? Let's try to understand with you, once again chanting the thankful tirade Marvel for a similar approach to filmmaking.

The director of the third "solo" film about the Torah was the New Zealand comedy director, a man who was not deprived of a sense of humor, 42-year-old Taika Vaitichi ("Real Ghouls.") Tyka, of course, did not have experience in producing blockbusters and shot mostly low-budget comedy dramas. But, as we know, for the Marvel bosses, long ago, not an indicator of "experience and payback." For the "Red Bosses", as we saw in the example of Favreau and Gunn, the main thing is excitement and "fire" in the eyes of the creator. caught fire "to put the film, then his own, giving himself up to work completely, then he is an ideal candidate for a director's chair.

If you compare solo films about the Torah with solo ribbons about other heroes of Marvel, then Goldilocks clearly "loses" to colleagues on all fronts. Too serious were the films about the hero Chris Hemsworth, devoid of superhero gloss ... Like a dry breakfast from a company that you do not like - yes, at times tasty, but not at all. And the fault in this was both the studio and the directors, which this studio assigned. The first film about the Torah was staged by Cannes laureate, who was shooting dry dramas, and the second tape was filmed by a serial director who worked on classy multiseries ("Sopranos", "Rome"), but having no idea what and how works in a big movie From the appointment of Taiki to the post, from the very beginning it looked like a cry of the soul of the MCU bosses - if he does not cope, then no one will cope.

First of all, the third film about the Torah completely changed its positioning. Down with the fresh supply of Scandinavian mythology to the comic! Now the ball is ruled by humor! And not just stupid jokes inappropriately, but ingenious, bursting typical Marvel banter patterns, riveting to the screen from the first minutes of viewing. Over the years, each of us has become accustomed to the typical construction of films of a superhero genre ... A skeleton over which history is built up. So Taika and his team, not giving a damn about the "canons" and "covenants", lit up to the full, deriding the scheme used by "fellow workers" from year to year.

"Mjolnir" The Torah can only hold a decent one, and it is forged from a dying star, which gives the hammer an incredible striking force? Turn it into dust for the first ten minutes of the timing! And there are many such moments in the film. To laugh will have to be loud and long, from scene to scene, from dialogue to dialogue.

In addition to good humor, the film features wildly powerful female characters. No, not as sleek, like a Wonder Woman getting up to his full height of the trench, inspiring frightened to death of men ... And the real, live, as far as possible within the comics. For them, there is not enough pathetic-fresh nonsense that poured into the ears of the characters of the previous films. From now on they need motivation to risk their lives. Now they will not go into hell after the phrase "We need to save Asgard!", It's not enough for them. They need to be persuaded, to gain confidence with their leadership qualities and only then ask for help. And even after that, it's completely "not a fact" that they will agree.

A separate line of praise for the third film about the Torah, I want to mention the inimitable Jeff Goldyublum in the image of Grandmaster. The character of Jeff, a dictator in miniature, running a planet-dump, where gladiatorial fights predominate. He disposes of lives like a ringing coin in his pocket, "squandering" her for his own pleasure. Emancipated, charismatic and incredibly attractive character. I sincerely hope that one day we will see this hero, performed by Jeff and the Collector from the "Guardians", performed by Benicio Del Toro. Why not? In comic books these two are best friends!

The result. "Thor: Ragnarok" is a film that gives a vivid understanding of how much the "standard" molding schemes of the Marvel Studios are molded. Taika Vaitichi, through the prism of humor and ridicule, hints: "It's time to change the positioning." Hell, even if James Gunn acknowledged this by comparing the "Torah" with the "magical cassette from the 80's", what are the other MCU directors waiting for? The time of serious people is gone, Marvel.

Continue in the same spirit, beat on all the strings at the same time!

"Father, she destroyed the hammer ..." "What about you, God of hammers?"

Reviewed by Sven Walbers 8 / 10

It's fun, it's fast, it's not flawless

I saw the premier last night. This is definitely the best Thor movie, but let's face it... that's not a difficult thing to achieve.

It's fun from the beginning to the end. It's lightning fast, there aren't any dull moments at all, but it's missing a little gravitas. The Thor character has suddenly become the complete opposite of what he's always been. There's hardly any transition. The same goes for Loki. It works though, it just seems a bit off.

The supporting characters are fun. Hulk/Banner is great as always. Valkyrie, Korg, Grandmaster they are all colorful joys to watch.

The villains however were (as always) underwhelming. Skurge, though he gets his minute in spotlight, feels wasted. Hela, though I love the way Blanchett played her, is just a ruthless powermonger. There's hardly any background or reason to some of her actions. And Surtur well, he's just a means to an end (pun intended).

Conclusion: It's good. It really is. You'll laugh, but you'll miss a little seriousness at certain moments in the movie. And like most Marvel movies, the villains don't marvel.

Reviewed by renofhate 9 / 10

Simply epic

Well for what it's worth, Thor Ragnarok is definitely a satisfying and suitable ending when speaking of this year's MCU movies. Despite enjoying Spider-Man Homecoming a little more overall, partially because there were things I didn't like about Thor Ragnarok but there was very little I disliked about Homecoming, all in all, this film is really, really good. It's explosive and fun and colorful and enjoyable and looks terrific and exquisite all throughout. Is it overdone? You decide whether or not they overdid some things for this one. I see lots of people comparing it to Guardians of the Galaxy and while I don't fully agree, I can definitely say that there are some things that are reminiscent of the Guardians' movies, but certainly not in a bad way.

What makes this film so good is its associates. They're not out of place and they're not really forced in; like, it fits perfectly, man. Everything comes together so nicely. Take Hulk for example. I was thinking, "Hulk may or may not work in this film. Could be great, could be straight out opposite." Well, overall, I think it's a good idea that they did include Hulk - even more so when they had him appear as Bruce, rather than Hulk himself. Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is by far the best one yet. Well, to me at least. Another thing I have to include is its humor. Some say it's either a little forced or it's just simply not all that funny. Well, the moments that were funny, were funny. Not much more can be said other than the fact that yeah, some stuff had me like, "Ehh.. okay", but for the most part, there's some solid laughs here and there.

Jeff Goldblum's role was unique, to say the least - but did kind of remind me of The Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't know, he just did. Not a bad thing, but you know. If I were to comment on his character, I would have to say he's pretty good. He's not amazing, but he's an interesting part of the film and makes an okay villain (assuming you would call him that). One thing that really stood out to me and made the film even more enjoyable was its brother scenes, aka, scenes that revolve around Loki and Thor together. That was good in this film. I actually enjoyed Loki in this more than I did The Avengers. And Hemsworth is superb in the film. Not a better guy out there that could have played Thor. He was the correct, undeniable greatest choice.

There's also a very good 'cameo' like role, if you will, which does add to the movie. The film also doesn't lose its identity, meaning that even though there are other characters and whatnot, it's first and foremost a Thor film.

Here's what I didn't like (or, who I didn't like, for that matter): Hela. My reasons for disliking her character are pretty much simplistic and generic, but they're not invalid by any means- she's annoying. She's boring. That's really all I can say. I mean, there's a scene in which I do love that includes her, but it's spoiler-ish, so maybe another time...

Overall, however, a great film. Bright, colorful, funny, loads of action, good character usage, and the third act is damn good! I think this is perhaps my sixth favorite MCU film overall, overtaking Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it is still right behind: 5- Spider-Man Homecoming, 4-The Avengers, 3-Captain America The Winter Soldier, 2-Guardians of the Galaxy and 1-Captain America Civil War. Ragnarok is a terrific film though, and it's one of this year's best.


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