Truth or Dare


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sashachambers-03252 8 / 10

First off it was a scary movie, cheaply made (or appeared to be) but... with that said I found it entertaining. I watched it for what it was, a scary movie. I didn't jump out of my seat. But was surprised 2 times and that was good enough for me. Although the ending was obvious... the characters did a great job, there was a plot, there was a storyline. I enjoyed it. Was it my favorite NO, but it was by far better then Medea's Boo Halloween. No comparison. I will say this, to all the movie goers... these days, when they say turn off your damn cell phones, DO IT, Stop talking through the God Damn movies and for goodness sake, if a patron is sitting in a seat in front of you keep your damn feet off of the back of the seats.. This poor girl got told last night that her feet were awful smelling and I would appreciate it if she would move them. 12.50 to see a movie is allot, I hate when other inconsiderate patrons crap on it!

Reviewed by asfurd 7 / 10

People who rate this movie anything lower than 5 are obviously not taking their review seriously. They might not like the film personally, but that shouldn't generate a biased low score. Unlike a lot of other horror movies, this one actually had a backstory as to the origins and reasoning for the game--I was surprised with that. I expected it to just be a scary game with no purpose, but I genuinely respect that they added a backstory.
Next, this movie is overall just unique and cool. Unlike other cliche horror films where some demon figure is "haunting" the house, this film takes a unique approach by having a group of friends end up being the ones that have to do the "haunting" and "killing"; this concept also played well on friendship and family bonds/truth telling and trusting one another.
Lastly, the creepy smiles make for iconic visuals that will stick with you even after you finish watching.

Reviewed by jwwalrath-227-85487 7 / 10

I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews on this, and I think people are being way too critical. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the next "A Quiet Place" or "It." This is a PG-13 teen horror flick that shows a lot of sexy young adults being killed. It's goal is just to provide mindless, violent entertainment for a couple hours, and it serves its purpose well.

I've heard someone compare this to "Final Destination" and that's a pretty apt comparison. The driven force of this movie is some creative kills. The movie also keeps you guessing as to who meets the chopping block. I'm also a found of the weirdly distinctive smile effect the monster uses when it possesses people.

I've heard complaints about the script and characters, but I don't see that. I mean there's nothing here to write home to mom about, but I found the script, characters, and acting to be solid.

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