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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by idontdodrugs 3 / 10

OK...so this was crap

The movie revolves around a group of friends taking a drug that evaporates all inhibitions. So far so good.

This interesting premise and some artsy scenes are pretty much all there is to this flick. The whole rest, nearly all of its runtime is just wasted time - sadly to say at least.

The rather well known actors seem like caricatures - there is overacting and underacting - never consistent, never convincing. The only one that seems to enjoy his role is Pierce Brosnan, actually I would consider his performance one of the highlights in this movie.

The personalities of the characters are plainly sketched and clichés of group dynamics are just thrown in your face. Interesting deeper relationships or conflicts are strangely lacking.

Direction is uninspired - the proclaimed outrageousness that the premise promises is not found in the movie - instead you get minutes of quite uninteresting party scenes that do not even convey the party vibe and even lack the uneasiness it should deliver as it foreshadows the very foreseeable events.

Even if you want to watch this expecting to see some raunchy scenes like a good B-movie might offer you - you will be disappointed. Sadly this movie is actually a time waster. Granted with an interesting premise and some nice Pierce Bronsnan scenes and even a couple of art-house scenes - but very underwhelming as such.

Reviewed by sfarago 5 / 10

Not for everyone-overall good atmosphere

Urge is about a group of wealthy friends traveling to an island for a fun weekend. After they try a new drug 'urge' at a weird party, their true inner self surfaces and they end up killing each other in brutal ways.

To keep this review short, I think the movie had a good atmosphere overall, the characters are mostly believable tough, there could have been more development. If you like mildly weird stuff and have a lazy afternoon I recommend this to you. However, if you don't like those endings where you have to figure out weather they were hallucinating the whole time or not, this is probably not for you.

I would give this movie a 5. Would not watch again.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Impressed by its ability to be strange and horrifying at the same time

It's a weird one, but a cool one.

Pierce Brosnan plays a unique pusher man who gives a group of young people a drug that will let you know what it feels like to live without the boundaries of society holding you back for one night only.

Danny Masterson plays a man who is part of the one percent and wants to supply his friends with the drug for more than one night.

The problem is when you take a drug more than once it gives you total freedom to do whatever you feel like with no regrets and to have a world with no boundaries is a dangerous one.

The beauty of the film is how messed up these people got. It was well acted when these people just started doing what they wanted.

Best way to watch it, is to cling to the person in the film you most relate too (their was this one girl who after taking the drug twice wondered what it would be like to smash a Kim Kardashian type's head into a window for being annoying, so she did)

Also giving mad points to the great music in the film that really set the tone and was super impressive, making up for the not so great cinematography.

Urge you to see it.

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