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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andy-154-629424 8 / 10

OK, not amazing, but not bad at all

Quite enjoyable little thriller. Annoyingly rich 1%'ers get f*cked on drugs and it goes a little strange.

unleash the "id" where your basic needs are as depraved as you want them to be. Well the drug Urge allows that, and then some on repeat use.

Yes, some bits are not the best acting, but in general its not a bad movie at all. Worth the 2hrs.

Shockingly the sex scenes are not cringe worthy, camera angles are not obtuse. A well made flick but not quite top hole, well a little way away.

worth waiting till the end of the credits for that little bit extra. ;D

Reviewed by Larry Tate 7 / 10

Engaging and Disturbing

I was quite surprised to see a pretentious self righteous review for this movie and after having watched it I can only conclude that the reviewer must have been confused about what they were reviewing.

The movie centers around the premise of the hedonistic lifestyle of a wealthy individual Neil (Danny Masterson) who takes pleasure in indulging himself and his group of friends with the best experiences that money can buy.

An excursion to a luxury home on island includes a trip to an exotic night club that has a sexy stylized feel similar to attending a performance art show on steroids. The opportunity to try a designer drug like no other presents itself at the club and Neil and has posse have an experience like no other the only catch is they are told they can only take it once, but told why.

The next day they are keen to recreate the experience and its then that everything starts to unravel.

The movie does not set out to preach about the dangers of drugs and it is not the theme yet you cant help but recognize the parallels between the decent into psychosis that some are unfortunate enough to experience with recreational drug use and the aberrant behavior of those taking URGE.

The ending has a interesting twist and after the final credits a short scene sets up the possibility of a follow up movie.

This movie is both engaging and disturbing in the same way as a car crash can be, you know people are being harmed but you cant help but keep watching out of macabre curiosity.

A solid 7/10 anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get over themselves.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Impressed by its ability to be strange and horrifying at the same time

It's a weird one, but a cool one.

Pierce Brosnan plays a unique pusher man who gives a group of young people a drug that will let you know what it feels like to live without the boundaries of society holding you back for one night only.

Danny Masterson plays a man who is part of the one percent and wants to supply his friends with the drug for more than one night.

The problem is when you take a drug more than once it gives you total freedom to do whatever you feel like with no regrets and to have a world with no boundaries is a dangerous one.

The beauty of the film is how messed up these people got. It was well acted when these people just started doing what they wanted.

Best way to watch it, is to cling to the person in the film you most relate too (their was this one girl who after taking the drug twice wondered what it would be like to smash a Kim Kardashian type's head into a window for being annoying, so she did)

Also giving mad points to the great music in the film that really set the tone and was super impressive, making up for the not so great cinematography.

Urge you to see it.

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