Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer


Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zomber-1 10 / 10

Watch that movie!

Once in your life time you can watch a movie that goes directly into your

heart. Beautiful Dreamer was this movie to me! Every time I watch it I cry

because of that wonderful love story. That doesn't mean that I cry watching every love story! Titanic for example: I didn't cry. Maybe a bit after noticing that still some hours of that s*** were to survive:-C But back to UY.

Rumiko Takahashi is a very gifted story teller and I love everything she creates. UY is hard for new watchers to understand, but if you just keep on laughing you will love it!!! Like Monty Python I also like to laugh about:-D

Watch it and love it*G*

Reviewed by JG2001 10 / 10

Very philosophical anime film.

Urusei Yatsura 2, the second in a line of six films that follow the television series of the same name, takes a bit more serious, philosophical approach to the plot than the average television episode.

For those who haven't seen the television show, it's a comedy about Ataru, at his high school. When aliens come down to Earth, threatening destruction, the only way to stop them is if Ataru can defeat the alien princess, Lum, in a game of tag. Due to a mix up, after Ataru wins, Lum believes she is also destined to be his wife.

Anyway, with that back story out of the way, the rest of the movie can be easily understood by anyone not familiar with the series. The plot is very funny and thoughtful at the same time. It may take a couple of viewings to get the whole picture and all of its little nuances, but all in all, it's a wonderful little film and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a dose of philosophy with their slapstick.

Reviewed by Danny 10 / 10

Simply The Best

It's hard to describe the effect that first seeing this movie had on me the first time I saw it five years ago, but it's something that's stuck with me at the very least.

This was the first bit of UY I ever saw, and I quickly became addicted to the series because of it. The animation is wonderful, the characters are all nifty, and the mysteries that abound in the story are all intriguing. I sometimes find myself just randomly whistling the music from this movie as it's so... so simply wonderful. The film is just beautiful in every chord, like a concerto or a painting. It's art.

This is one of my favorite movies ever. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Rating: 10/10 - Perfect.

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