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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bohemian81 5 / 10

Mediocre ghost story at best

WARNING: rigged positive votes. (movie had average rating of 8 when i checked)

Sadly most movie studios these days try to rig the votes in their favor. If you don't know already it's best to click on the 'number of votes' under the main score and watch the voting breakdown page. Here you can easily assess when the voting is rigged. When a movie is just released and already it has lots of perfect 10 votes you know it's fake! So don't fall for it.

About the movie: it reminds me of 'the others' with Nicole Kidman only not remotely on the same level. Overall it's really slow and uneventful. The story a bit weak and predictable. The acting OK but not great. It falls into the category of seen it all a 1000 times before.

Location and set pieces are nice but that's about it. definitely style over substance.

Reviewed by derekjager 3 / 10

Lovely to look at, but absolutely a bore to sit through

I think this is being mis-marketed as a ghost story but it isn't. It isn't a homage to TURN OF THE SCREW, either. Yes, it looks great, has a terrific Gothic mood, but for 30 minutes, nothing happens. Then something sort of happens but it's not ghostly...and then nothing happens and then it ends. The ending is "nice" but an hour into this film's 90 mins, I really wondered if/when ANYTHING was going to happen.

Again, lovely to look at, well-written and directed, but a bore to sit through.

Reviewed by smoke0 / 10

Don't listen

As another reviewer stated, this is reminiscent of The Others, but without the atmosphere, mystery or characters that defined that film. I love Emilia Clarke, but even she can't create something out of nothing.

Maybe with a different director who could tell a story and create a world this movie may have worked, but overall it's just boring and uneventful, and the film is so completely detached from the characters that their actions and situations come out of nowhere and go back there again with no explanation. Is it a happy ending or a sad ending? Who knows and ultimately, who cares?

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