Voice from the Stone


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Reviewed by LittleFerdinand 10 / 10

VFTS envisions the Black Swan and Rosemary's Baby experience rolled into one!

First off, I must admit that the only reason I even considered watching this movie was the Moon of my Life, My Sun and Stars, the rightful queen of...titles titles...EMILIA CLARKE!!!! And I'm glad that I did.

VFTS is no doubt the best movie I've seen this year, which offers you all kinds of feelings that any normal human being can feel. The story revolves around fear, anger and sadness for the most of the time but what comes after is even better. That's right! A beautiful happy ending! Accompanied with a strong well organized story this film is imaginative and appealing to book readers and film enthusiasts as well. And more importantly, its the gorgeous scenery and landscapes in Tuscany, Italy that made this film more interesting. The lush views of Italian countryside landscapes dominate the screen, its as if you're living in an alternate reality where you step out the door and don't see ugly ginormous concrete monstrosities. Oh well... As for the directing, its just marvelous and the cinematography is stunning but above all,its the ending is what really gets you. VFTS is the kind of movie we get once in half a decade and believe me, it kicks all kinds of ass. Well technically speaking VFTS will toy around with your mind till the point that you don't know what is real and what isn't. Confused?

Let me clear it up for you, The highlight of the movie is Emilia Clarke who plays a solemn Nurse Verena, a strong-willed woman who is hired to work as a babysitter/nurse for a duration to help emotionally disturbed children recover. The opening scene is where Jakob's (an emotionally unstable child) mother who is fallen sick and is on her last dying breath. We jump ahead several months after the prologue. Verena's story begins as she departs her previous family and leaves for another in desperate need of her skill and expertise in helping disturbed children. Verena spends her first couple of days exploring the vast estate of Jakob's family and getting to know her household better. Jakob's father, a stern man who is about as disturbed as Jakob himself, their family butler, and a mysterious old woman named Lilia who later turned out to be Verena's hallucination. Verena seemed vary of Jakob since she saw him with his face against the wall...listening to the mysterious voice (that his father claims is of his dead wife) coming from the other side of the wall. Verena denies it saying that the dead don't speak and the voices Jakob was supposedly heading was all in his head. Days pass by as she tries to decipher the strange pattern in his behavior. The visions grow more frequent as Lilia, (an old caretaker who committed suicide not long after the death of Malvina, Jakob's mother) dresses her up in the same threads worn by her dead mistress. And in one particularly scary vision, Verena goes through the same fate as Jakob's mother...we see Verena re-living the past of Jakob's mother such as the good times she shared with her husband and her kid, posing for her husband as he carves her on a rock, making love after. The same sickness spreads through Emilia as it did for Malvina and before long she finds herself in a deathbed. Upon her death, Klaus is seen taking her to his family crypts and burying her next to his wife. Verena sees the Malvina run her fingers over her body, I think this particular scene is an indication as to why she has taken an interest in Verena. It almost seemed like some of her qualities that made her had rubbed off on Verena when she wore her dress. Verena then wakes up realizing she was down with a fever and the nightmare had ended. By then, Jakob had accepted her as his newfound mother and embraces her and go indoors along with his dad. Verena had finally found her true self and she was ready to begin a new life and pursue happiness with Jakob and Klaus. A warm satisfying End.

I apologize for the pain you had to go through reading my fragmented narration. I tried not to go into details without giving away anything that might ruin your experience. Anyways, Hope you all enjoy this masterpiece just as much as I did.

Also, during the entire movie you really need pay strict attention to what is going on, otherwise you'll miss out big time on the little bits and details that drives the story. Emilia's astounding performance need to be lauded too for blessing my eyes with her presence. This amazing fantastically talented angel continues to break through the barriers and establish herself as an individual actress who can survive without her Game of Thrones' fame and glory. I wish her good luck in her future careers and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the Han Solo standalone movie.

Reviewed by Abu Noman 8 / 10

Best Movie of 2017 till end of April.

At first the writings of the movie is so extra ordinary. You will not enjoy the movie until you watch the last few minutes. And the making of the movie so impressive. Location and the castle so perfect with story you will feel everything together. I Love Emilia Clarke, she is a top class actress and here, she proved it again. She gave her every bit of emotion for this character. Marton and Edward the boy also did very awesome. I loved this movie and very disappointed seeing very low rating here. I rate it 8/10. thanks

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

Beautiful and Cold Atmosphere

In the 50's, in Tuscany, the nurse Verena (Emilia Clarke) is hired by the sculptor Klaus (Marton Csokas) to help his son Jakob (Edward Dring) that does not speak since his mother Malvina (Caterina Murino) has passed away. Verena befriends the old housekeeper Lilia (Lisa Gastoni) and tries to connect to Jokob, but the boy usually hears his mother from the wall of the old family house. Along the days, Verena feels attached to Jakob and falls in love with Klaus, but she finds that Malvina is trapped in the house by Jakob.

"Voice from the Stone" is a dramatic film with supernatural touches in a beautiful and cold atmosphere. The performances are top-notch highlighting the gorgeous Emilia Clarke. The dubious story is open to interpretation since Verena might have been affected by either madness or the ghost of Malvina. The cinematography is magnificent in a dreamlike environment. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

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