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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwsanfrancisco 10 / 10

I actually visited this mansion tour in the 80s, struck by how many rooms there were..

I saw this house in the 80s, was impressed by tour guides; all the women were dressed in some kind of period garb from the 1860s, full hoop skirts; by all accounts this woman was widely regarded as a very sweet, kindly lady who provided employment for hundreds of workers; she should not have felt guilty about the thousands of people who fell victim to the gun that won the west,& the tortured souls who came back to seek vengeance on her; it was her husband who should have felt guilt & atonement for the men & women who met a violent end from this weapon of mass destruction; but if she was a woman that these souls branded a villainous demon, I would have said to her:'...sarah, there have been many figures in past, both famous & obscure that tried to turn over a new leaf, renounced their past history, & disavowed their criminal misdeeds & tried to contribute to society( which she did by building this bewildering mansion); for what reason is a mystery, some kind of transformation; a death in family, wartime experiences, a diagnosis of an interminable disease, or even a spiritual, religious transformation, it happens ,not often but occasionally in history...'>>

Reviewed by jwwalrath-227-85487 8 / 10

More fun than scary

From the commercials, I didn't set my hopes too high. The film seemed very average, but it surprised me.

Be forewarned this is more of a supernatural drama, like The Lady in Black, than a straight-up balls-to-the-wall horror film. Not to say there aren't any genuine scares in this. There are two really creepy scenes here. It's just that the film focuses on the story behind the characters and it sometimes takes too much time between scares. Still, I appreciate the emphasis on characters and plot in this. The film feels fully realized and it has a strong cast.

Credit should also be given to the set, costumes, and props; a lot of detail and color. This film looks like the directors did their research and wanted the film to look historically accurate.

ALright, this may not be the best scary movie, but it is a good movie.

Reviewed by ehzimmerman 8 / 10

Surprisingly cathartic

For those who want factual history, "Captive of the Labyrinth" by Mary Jo Ignoffo is an excellent biography of Sarah Winchester, who probably was not interested in ghosts, but rather in architecture, a field that did not invite professional participation by women. Sarah Winchester's father manufactured decorative architectural features for Victorian houses, and his factory was right next door to her childhood home -- so Sarah grew up intimately exposed to the physical details of building houses. As an educated rich woman, building her house was an expensive hobby she loved and could afford to pursue. She also incorporated the newest technology - elevators, showers, etc. - into the house, and managed a productive fruit orchards and a dried fruit business, and . I thought the movie did a good job of including some factual information based on the real Sarah Winchester, and accurately portrayed her as responsible, not crazy, and deeply caring for her family, As for the lurid sensational haunted house story, this was concocted by those who bought the house after Sarah Winchester died, and turned it into a money-making tourist trap. That said, I enjoyed this fictional ghost story, which explored deeper themes than I would normally expect from a supernatural horror genre flick. There does seem to be a heavy handed message about gun violence -- however, I agree with that message; it's more than timely..

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