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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nye-68311 10 / 10

Watch it!

One of my new favorite zombie movies, it lives up to it's name in regards to content, ZOMBIES! My favorite parts are the school bus scene ;) and the unexpected twist at the end. <3 The movie is set in a small town and does not need to use fancy special effects or excessive digital art to portray a very realistic setting. This low budget film stars the one and only Tony Todd, Todd plays a detective in a world full of blood thirsty zombies, he actually plays a "good guy" in this film. The movie has a few story lines but nothing too deep, this is the type of movie I would buy to keep on my shelf and watch when I'm in "a good zombie movie" watching mode.

Reviewed by Tina Willis 7 / 10

Hard Core Zombie Fans Can Overlook AND Enjoy

The action starts right off in this movie, and although it is a lower budgeted film and the acting is no where near Oscar winning level, there is quite a bit to enjoy in this movie if you are a hard core zombie fan.

There are some very nicely done camera work. The special effects are simple but believable and works well to keep you invested in the story. There are lots of action scenes with plenty of extra's/undead to keep you entertained. The story line tries very hard to add substance to the movie. There are some humorous moments and one liners to tickle you funny bone. Sound is very good.

As long as you don't compare it to TWD and perhaps have had an unfulfilled hunger for zombies so strong , that you have watched every stinky BAD zombie movie that every Joe Blow has thrown together then you will enjoy this movie. (Of the MANY lower budgeted Zombie Movies I have watched, there are some REALLY BAD ones. This is one of the better ones.

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Just not very good.

This really is the tic-tak-toe of the zombie movie board game arena. It's really Syfy channel standard stuff... well actually its not quite that level and really needs to go up a notch to achieve that acclaim. The major failing here is the script which is corny, stilted and hackneyed. Even Tony Todd can't deliver the lines convincingly and struggles with the dialogue throughout, as does everyone else. I wonder what must have been going through his head while he was performing this one.

The plot is almost as bad, and I've no idea what some of the angles are trying to achieve. Generally zombie apocalypse type stories aren't too complicated. The world goes to crap and survivors pick their way through the mess that's left. Some productions deal with this very well and typically there is a breakdown in social order as anarchy through lawlessness prevails. It is tackled here but very poorly and the violence and gore can't compensate for the failing plot.

The acting is real low level amateurish standard your more likely to find in home production, though in fairness with such a poor script, I can't wholly blame the actors for an inability to convey their roles successfully. The special effects are real low budget and there is never any real sense of dread or danger from any of the reanimated corpses shuffling lazily around the rather limited settings.

The Walking Dead really has done a great job of reviving the Zombie genre, and the producers can be forgiven for wanting to capitalise on that popularity, but this isn't an new perspective, and interesting depiction or even a well executed rendition of a theme that has been well and truly exhausted. This is just another below average production of a horror genre that isn't really worth the time it takes to sit and watch.

This one isn't worth the watch your better off seeing one of the older films again for a more satisfying zombie experience.

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